Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rollercoaster rides

Quite brief thoughts follow, largely due to complete exhaustion after all of three hours of very disturbed sleep last night.

Last night involved a truly fantastic Morning Runner/New Rhodes gig, although enjoyment of it was a bit marred on account of how I wasn't quite 'all there' and kept having to disappear off into corners. My current theory is a mild case of hypomania that, now that I think about it, has probably been affecting me all week. I was certainly crashing from something when I had a completely irrational panic attack at the end of the evening.

Anyway, I'm currently focusing on the amusing side of this incident, which is how surreal it feels to be teaching Robert Frost and aspects of language change when you're absolutely convinced you're about to fall asleep on your feet. I don't think I sat down once, for fear of passing out. I even stayed vaguely coherent. Such a professional.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with important work-type people in which I shall raise the slight possibility that I might just be a teeny little bit stressed.


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aidanrad said...

Nice one. The staying-awake, that is. Never underestimate the value of such a stance (both emotionally and physically...!)
Hope the Friday meeting went well... and the weekend even happier...
Interesting thoughts on religious indoctrination below. Think the best bullet I ever dodged was when, as I approached my eighth birthday, my parents decided to leave the Mormon church for a more orthodox (and, yes, evadable) CofE rigmarole, having got glimpses into the strange Temple-centred structures and strictures to greet the eight-year-old boy onwards - we returned to Salt Lake a few years ago for them to exorcise their old ghosts, and while it was a stunningly opulent place (and the church guides were the most stunning blondes) it felt so reassuring to be sort-of-cynically separate from such even-more cynical, smiling constraints...
But anyway... happy Tuesdaying... ;)