Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Deja-vu just isn't what it used to be

After a fairly hellish half term week, I am back at work, and have immediately been sent home due to pain, exhaustion and that oh look, the world is spinning, and now everything's going dark, and I'd really better sit down experience that is so much fun. It all ended up with me in floods of tears in the staff room, unable to teach any of my classes. All the lovely members of the English department rallied round to cover my lessons. The Girl, wonderful (and long-suffering) person that she is, came to pick me up in her car and drive me home. So it could have been worse. I currently feel that have no choice but to go in tomorrow, given that I've already missed a Wednesday this term, which means that some classes who only see me on that day are seriously falling behind. If I feel really terrible, of course, I may have to rethink this.

This bloody post-viral thing is getting really dull. When I was told it would last over a year, I didn't actually believe it. Hmph. I miss having energy and feeling like a normal person useful member of society non-freak teacher.

Over half term itself, the stuff I thought would be stressful was actually relatively (and surprisingly) not too bad. The Girl meeting my grandmother turned out to be quite pleasant - indeed, we all actually enjoyed it. Meeting The Girl's parents was less of a positive experience, but we survived. Things then took a turn for the very weird around Tuesday, followed by a frantic few days of flat-hunting, and now it seems that we're moving house a lot earlier than we first thought. This is the result of The Girl's parents' demands, and the situation has its pros and cons. On the good side, I'll be able to live with my girlfriend from the end of November, or thereabouts. As a result of the various bad sides, I am now unbelievably tired. Hence another afternoon in front of The Sims, feeling appallingly guilty for being unable, once again, to cope with my perfectly simple job. Which really must be perfectly simple, because yesterday we were taught how to mark students' work through an exercise involving the building of towers made out of newspaper. (Yes, people, that really is what your tax money is spent on.) So it's a great shame that I couldn't share the benefits of my newly-enriched-by-tower-building experience with the students today. Ah well. Perhaps tomorrow.

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aidanrad said...

Oof. From bad news, to good news, to, well, baffling news (yup, the newspaper towers, of course...)

Hope the pain, exhaustion and the rest have managed to ease plenty since then.