Saturday, January 06, 2007

P365 Day Four - my life in picture

When I started this 'my life in pictures' thing, The Girl told me that all my photos would be of my bed, and I glared at her. She was wrong, of course. They are all of the living room...

So this is my life right now. Sofa, because I'm on that all day - and thank goodness it's comfy. Electric heat pad for cold and pain - I *love* this! Stick (pretty colour). A whole mess of stuff on the table, from pills to books, that saves me having to go too far. The computer on my desk right in the corner - you can't see the TV 'cause that's on the other side of the room, but if I could have fitted it in, I would have tried! Blanket - fluffy and fleecy and makes me cheery. The bag that I'm living out of because it's easy to put it onto my back to carry things around. Hot water bottle. Biscuits and old cups of tea. And finally, the towels soaking up the water from the huge jug that I just dropped on the floor, because utter lack of co-ordination is a bitch. Fortunately The Girl was there to run off and get me towels. She is a sweetie. She's also home again, at last. (When she got in, she said "How are you living here??" Apparently it's the messiest she's ever seen it.)

And today, because I was awake for most of the night worrying about what to do with my situation, we began to make The Plan. It's detailed. It's also multi-coloured and has four columns. A photo of that may just follow tomorrow... :D


Carys (aka ~Cats) said...

i like your little nest corner!

Crystal said...

It looks like my little sofa area for the past two weeks!!