Sunday, August 19, 2007

It would all be so easy if it weren't for...1

First, there's the amazing disappearing PA. She's been wonderful and awesome for most of the two-and-a-half months during which she has had the pleasure (that may be an exaggeration) of being in my employ. She's good. She runs around the house, like me on the wrong dose of antidepressants, zooming effortlessly from one task to another and then asking what else she can do for me. Efficient, I think the word is. And friendly, and all of that. But she misses a day a week, every single week, and has vanished from this dimension entirely since Thursday. I should contact an agency and get someone temporary in. However, the last time I used an agency it was like volunteering to have my internal organs boiled in jam. Plus, the woman may turn up again like nothing happened on Monday. Erk.

Then there's the Council that's STILL refusing to tell me why they won't fix a lock onto the gate even though they know it's a requirement of the DDA that they do. Thanks to them, I'd be entirely housebound if it weren't for my PA. (Oh...) In the meantime, aforementioned Council has told its contractors to work through the weekend on the renovations on the flat opposite, 8am to 9pm, including on SUNDAY (it's the Lord's day, people, and I need to sleep through it), even though the same Council's own noise restrictions ban them from doing so. Arse crap bugger.

Then there's the neighbours of whom I am now so nervous - thanks to the 'she doesn't really need that wheelchair' incident I may have mentioned before - that my garden is becoming overrun with weeds (think Day of the Triffids only on a slightly smaller scale) because I'm too afraid to go outside. Gaaah.

And why can't I get Facebook to let me play Scrabble online?

And why is Hebrew such a tricky language, what with those weird random letters that all look the same?

And why have I run out of TV series on DVD to watch?

And why will no one come out to the pub with me tonight?


1I had several non-ranty thoughts that were going to become a variety of interesting blog posts, but none of them made it through. I may be losing the plot ever so slightly. I really, really want to go back to work... Which meaks it a good thing that I got the job.


Smudge said...

I'm curious, are you learning Hebrew & why?

And doesn't your PA have a mobile?

I've run out of DVDs at the moment too, I'm working my way through '24' - it's dead good.

Hope your weekend was good otherwise!


Lisa said...

I'd have come to the pub if I were allowed to take antihistamines today.

As it is, leaving my front door involves lots of sneezing/weeping/etc and that just makes me not good company.

I can save some snot to sneeze on you on Tues though if you like?

Naomi J. said...

smudge: I am indeed learning Hebrew. It is my Girl's mother tongue, and I am trying to pick up enough to be able to eavesdrop on her phone conversations. So far, I know 'soap' and 'carpet', neither of which are going to get me a long way in translation. As for my PA, yes she has a mobile. She is ignoring my calls and text-based pleas for information. I'm giving up now. Not a big fan of 24, myself, although we now have Sex and the City to keep us company for a bit.

Lisa: Please feel free to sneeze on me on Tuesday. That would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Another DVD series idea - House? The West Wing? Scrubs? Depends if you want something that will make you so enthralled you'll quit your new job (probably a bad idea).

I'm a relatively new fan, by the way. Hi! I'm Jen, and I'll be stalk- er, visiting often. :)

Naomi J. said...

Hi Jen. Welcome to my world. *evil cackle... slightly nervous laughter... coughing fit* Ahem. Scrubs I already like a lot, but The Girl doesn't care for it too much. I've never been able to get into the West Wing. Ah, but House, now there's a TV show. Sadly, though, we've finished watching season three, and there is! no! more! until America gets round to making some. Selfish people, those House producers. You'd think their main concern would be satisfying my every whim, but no, they have to give their actors a summer break. Irritating.