Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Because I Have Nothing To Write

...and the Evil formerly known as Amorphia is on her way over, so I'll have no time to write later, I thought I would do a round-up of Sites I Am Reading at the moment.

Puddleblog is genius. This week, I am concerned about the puddle. What if it evaporates as it thaws out? Or turns into mucky slush and ends up as nothing but wet dirt? It's worrying.

Ooh! is a discussion site for crip types. It's laid back and small enough to be fun. We mostly talk nonsense. It's good.

My little area of London is the talk of the country at the moment, and it's not having a nice time. Poor old Camden. The bus thing was on a road I know well.

An Ouch! user, Miika, has set up a blog called Mobilise UK to inspire action, especially against the media with its blatant disablist attitudes and anti-disability bias. It's come out of the Rod Liddle situation, which is discussed a bit on the blog. I'm still considering my responses here, but expect a proper update in the form of a 'Campaigns and Issues: Part II' as soon as I can get my thoughts together. This blog has some really good advice for complaining against media publications that mistreat us. We need to show them they're not getting away with it anymore. And soon, because the anti-disabled feeling in this country is reaching quite terrifying levels. Ask Fran Lyon, Katie Thorpe, anyone who's ever been on Incapacity Benefit - and of course, Brent Martin...

And finally, talking of Ouch!, don't forget that lovely site, or their messageboards. A marvellous source of many 'hurrah! it's not just me!" moments.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Checking in - thanks for the link which I will get back to when I have more function and can see out of both eyes (yeah, yeah, excuses...excuses!). I do feel the rise of anti-disability when even my "disability assistant" today starts talking about "all these people who are classified disabled and aren't really" and our city's "alternative" newspaper is running stories saying people with bipolar and fibro are just dupes of the big pharma and have been "sucked into a cycle of dependancy" - yeah, because YOU are the person we want to be dependant on - as anyone who IS dependant due to disability know - it sucks!

Sorry, was supportive comment ended up personal rant. Errr....so how are you?

Anonymous said...


I used to be violetfires, on LJ. I logged into that account today, so I could delete it - finally, and saw that in 2007 you were wondering what had happened to me. Just wanted to let you know that I'm fine, I'm still around, just using a different username. I appreciate what a good friend you were back then to me; I've thought about you and the Bronzers quite a lot. I hope you're well.