Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bit Tisp - Tips - That Thing. You Know.

Am a little bit tipsy because the really wonderful bottle of wine that my dad gave me over Christmas had been open a week and it would have been a terrible shame not to finish it.

This cold is making me really miserable and generally ruining a perfectly good week off. I was supposed to go to a Lenten 'alternative' Mass this evening, incredibly ancient liturgy with indie music, that I was *seriously* looking forward to. I was too unwell to go. This is irritating. I'm supposed to be more or less 'over' my post-viral illness, but every time I get a cold it knocks me out for a week. I would have preferred that week not to be over the half term break. Oh well. At least I had the' flu jab, otherwise I'd have been out for a month at some point this winter. That would have been tricky and quite dull.

My garden is developing. I got out there for about twenty minutes today - probably longer than I should have been outside, with a cold - and cleared a decent stretch of flowerbed. There's some kind of weedy bulb infecting the whole of my garden including the lawn, making it very hard to clear around the 'proper' plants. I may or may not attempt to get the lawnmower out later in the week. I wonder if it's possible to mow the lawn from a wheelchair.

If you'll excuse me, I have to get back to Torchwood and Ashes to Ashes. God bless the very-creative BBC and all who sail in her. (I swear I'll do my bit in return by writing something for them this week. Maybe.) Cheers, people.

TG minus one week and three days

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