Friday, February 29, 2008

Bits And Pieces

Just a quick one to mark the last day of Thing-A-Day 2008, in which I have achieved a massive (for me) 22 posts in 29 days. Not quite perfect, but not bad. Now that I've started posting more regularly, maybe I can keep it up. It's a positive habit. I don't have enough of those.

Apologies to everyone who's posted interesting comments to which I have yet to respond. I'll get onto it when I'm not dosed up to the eyeballs with tramadol. I should probably go and sleep that off.

Here are the updates.
  • Work very busy. Got an actual apology for "the confusion" re my sick pay from the head of Personnel, and an offer of five extra days of annual leave to make up for the days I wasn't paid for over Christmas. Wonders will never cease.
  • It's quite funny that, just as I quit Ouch!, two online friends from two different countries are about to be featured on the podcast. The global disabled community is really rather tiny.
  • Am on CSI season six.
  • Still on the diet.
  • TG minus one, and I am happy.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Horaay for the return of The Girl and horaay for being happy! And horaay for getting days and beuro's actually doing something FOR you.


Anonymous said...

TAG! You're it!


D Phoenix said...

Way to go for doing so many posts. I keep forgetting to tell you how much I like your tag-line for your blog. Obviously, it appeals to my Chronic Holiday snarky soul!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Are you okay? I just have been thinking about you and I hope all is cool and you and The Girl are off having spring fun. Just checking by.

The Goldfish said...

To reiterate Elizabeth's concern, I hope you are doing okay just now.