Sunday, February 03, 2008

Staying Active

"My, what a year 2008 is already turning out to be for disabled people..."

An Ouch Blog post in which I bemoan my inability to do anything useful. And other, more serious things.

That's all the creativity I have in me, for now, since it took me all day.


Elizabeth McClung said...

yeah but you kept up with your commitment - great for you, I will read this when I can see out of both eyes and like, remember the start of a sentence (tomorrow) and get back to you - just another "Go lilwatchergirl go!" cheer post.

Naomi J. said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I think this 'post-a-day' thing is more difficult than my diet. And that's saying something. Cheers for the encouragement though. :)

cripchick said...

it is difficult isn't it? i'm so glad you're doing it though, knowing other crip bloggers and friends are too pushes me to keep going with my thing-a-day stuff.