Monday, August 11, 2008

A bird just flew straight into my window with a bit of a bang.

Fortunately, I don't think it was injured.

That's been about the highlight of my day. I told TG that when she returned this afternoon (she's opening a show today), I would have done some reading and organized my notes. Um. Haven't, exactly, and there's about an hour to go. Have done other things, like e-mailing the solicitors who are handling my personal injury case (the bus injury - almost a year later, the case continues - in fact it's barely started) and sorting out some paperwork. It's truly amazing how things that make one (OK, me) horribly anxious most of the time are a darn sight easier than starting work. I think it's the enormous reading list, as well as the effort involved in 'breaking in' my studying muscles again (especially in a brand new subject that I don't know all that well yet), that's making me a bit 'wah'. I'm sure I'll get over it. On the couple of occasions I've made it to the British library, it's gone well. I just need to find a place I can work successfully. Possibly one where they serve tea. Or maybe the local pub (which is more accessible than any of my local coffee places, amusingly).

The planning for Move To Leeds 2008 carries on apace. On Wednesday we take my wheelchair to the place in Hertfordshire where they're converting it to the powered-wheel system. I get it back the following Monday. So I shall be getting around exclusively by car for the rest of this week. Meanwhile, Camden Social Services (*spit*) have promised to let me know by the end of this week when their assessment of my care needs/support hours will be. That's going to be fun - I need to persuade them to bump me up from 10 hours a week to something closer to 30. And they aren't going to like it. And I have some knowledge of the law to fall back on. Hah.

Talking of support hours, I have a dreadful lack of PA at the moment. This has caused me to go without antidepressants for about a week, as I couldn't leave the house to stock up. It occurs to me that this should *never* be the case (especially after the terrible mess that were Friday and Saturday as a result). Neither should I be unable to eat properly - I've not had lunch because I don't really have anything, although I'll probably scrape up some pasta in a minute, but I haven't had fruit or vegetables for about a week, and we've been living on takeaways while TG is massively busy with the show... Well, it's all evidence to throw at the Council From Hell and tell them that this situation should not be arising.

And talking of PAs, I'm off to ring my last hope for cover for this week. Let's hope she can do some hours and I can have a life. Would be nice.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

I don't suppose you could've picked a more perfect place to go than Leeds! Have you already been referred to Prof Bird's clinic? I think they're struggling a bit with wait times atm, but it's well worth it, you might prefer his approach to that of some in London, plus he's just adorable!
I'm in awe of your care my area not being able to provide food for yourself or obtain essential meds certainly won't get you a care package even living alone. Good luck with it! BG

Naomi J. said...

I'm going to Leeds for the amazing Disability Studies course, not for doctors! But it will be handy having Prof Bird's clinic there if things go wonky. But no, I won't be referred there - my consultant and I have agreed that I'm going to take a self-management approach, as physio and medical over-intervention aren't working for me. But I've got a letter saying I should be referred to Prof Bird if I have problems.

Well, my care package was a real effort to set up. For ages they didn't want to give me anything - and I have personal care needs (am on HRC DLA). But eventually, having those personal care needs meant they couldn't keep denying that I needed help. They may refuse to give me any more hours, of course, in which case I will be unlikely to survive university (maybe literally). That's a worry. I have to wait and see what they say.

grace said...

Does Tesco deliver to your area? Back to the not-easy-being-green-and-disabled question, perhaps... but they'll even (if you want them to) carry the bags right up into your house. And they'll sometimes even deliver bonus items you'd never asked for... I once got a second whacking great box of PG tips which, when I rang up to report, they told me to keep...

Anonymous said...

You know if you need little errand things like picking up prescriptions and bringing you food - that is, things that are particularly crucial - I can easily help you out/facilitate that (whichever terminology you'd prefer from a friend!).

Anonymous said...

I second the Tescos suggestion, although I use Waitrose (darling). When I opened the door to the Ocado man one day when I'd just had knee surgery, he took one look at my crutches, said "kitchen through here, is it?" carried everything through and unpacked it all and put it away.

They're also very proud of how green they are.