Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day Ten - in which I cross-post from elsewhere, due to tiredness

Today mostly involved doctor crap. Which I don't feel like analysing today. Maybe tomorrow.

We're going with 'Susan' for the walker's name. We realised it covers three fandoms - with Ivanova, Sto-Helit and Pevensie. I look forward to giving a different answer every time someone asks why.

Today in my evening class, we were taught about feminism - very badly. I tried not to laugh or correct the teacher. I should have realised that taking a sociology class, even if not in my area of expertise, was inevitably going to involve occasional sniggering behind my laptop. I'd get angry, only I just don't care enough about the class, occasional fun though it is. (I do wish its essay deadline wasn't the day after my dissertation deadline, though. Guess which one will get prioritised? Clue: one of them will get me an MA and one won't...)


Elizabeth McClung said...

I am still trying to figure out why feminism is taught in a sociology course, or rather why it isn't integrated into 'aspects of society' and needs to be 'taught' in 45-90 minutes? Oh, that would have been one lecture worth listening to. Anything about May day in there, or the metalworkers strike or the fishworkers strike (the longest lasting female holdout strike I think, at least until 1915)?

Naomi J. said...

Elizabeth: The subject was feminist criminology. Hence, not much time for the historical phases of feminism or particular historical incidents. So, no. Lots on theories of women and crime, and the historical development of those. Which is very interesting, actually.