Friday, January 05, 2007

P365 Day Three - The Girl sends me flowers!

Today's Project 365 photo is dedicated to my wonderful, amazing, funny, gorgeous, slightly obsessive but in an amusing way, adorably sweet Girl.*

I am still fighting with doctors. My current GP has been treating me like crap and refusing to give me a prescription for medication, even though I have clearly given plenty of evidence that I have been taking it for ten years. She doesn't approve of it for people with bipolar disorder. Or something. Today, after a week of repeatedly asking her to get in touch with my previous GP, she finally passed on the message that she would give it to me "just this once" (she wouldn't speak to me herself). Patronising idiot. I nearly screamed at the receptionist who deigned to tell me.

So. We (that is, The Girl and I) have decided that we are going to stop putting up with this crap. We are forming The Plan. I am determined - determined I say! - to get bloody well taken seriously. Oh yes.

So, here's part one of The Plan, although it is still in the embryonic planning stages**. We are going to dump this GP practice, as soon as I get my "just this once" medication, and we are going elsewhere. When we do, bipolar bloody disorder will not come up, as it is clearly doing me more harm than good to have that on my records at the moment. In a few weeks the records will turn up and it'll be added to my list, as is only healthy. In the meantime, I will have been acting like I know nothing about it. Hey, it's quite possible that they never told me - and I'm very forgetful these days... By the time the records do turn up, I hope that I will have developed a more positive working relationship with a doctor who maybe even takes me seriously, and who with any luck doesn't think that all of this is in my mind. (There are some doctors like that. I've even met one or two of them.) After all, I only hinted at the bipolar thing with the rheumatologist, who took me seriously and treated me like someone with an actual physical problem.

Other stages of The Plan involve setting exact dates by which I will give up waiting, swallow my pride and go private. Also, I will be making decisions in advance about what to do in worst-case scenarios. The Girl, meanwhile, is looking into carers' services. And today I got a call from the Red Cross people, who have a wheelchair for me to borrow for a few weeks. Stuff is, very slowly and with any luck, maybe beginning to move forward.

*Please insert complusory *bleugh* sound after this moment of soppiness, in case I start seeming like I'm going soft in my old age.

**Soon there will be flowcharts. And diagrams. And different coloured fonts. And it will be on A2 paper and pinned up on my wall. Oh yes. (I would laugh evilly, but I might get sectioned.)

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straighttalker05 said...

Lovely flowers. ;)

Hope all is well with 'The Girl', and that the GP has caught some sickness from some snivelly patient!