Saturday, September 06, 2008

Little Update

I had to go home, as the council front office was horrendously cold, so The Girl continued negotiating on my behalf, and did brilliantly. I've had an appropriate care package agreed, to be reviewed in six weeks. They still want to make referrals to entirely different teams of social workers, and I've said that if these people want to come up to Leeds to assess me, then they can...! So although it's currently a temporary agreement, they'll have enough trouble taking the package away that they might just not bother. Overall, a reasonable success, after only months of arguing with them and half a day sitting in a cold reception demanding a response.

Normal service will resume later. I'm entertaining Father, Not-Stepmother and Hearing Dog - and we've had a hell of a week: attempted burglary in our building, massive fight with the council, two dinner parties, working on recruiting PAs (some of the applications are just hilarious), and I'm trying to pack and move house. Fun fun fun.


Queen Slug said...

Glad they were able to figure out a plan. Seems though if they figured out a plan in 1/2 a day they certainly should have been able to come up with one in the months they already had to do so.

I do find it quite odd & interesting that the level of ineptitude seems equal here & there.

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