Sunday, May 03, 2009

My Little BADD Round-Up

May 1st was Blogging Against Disablism day. Dozens of entries get written for this every year. I usually participate, but this year it was just too much to think about. Instead, here are my four favourites so far. I still have more to read, but these struck me as very powerful. Oppression is everywhere - it's there when we protest for our rights, when we go shopping, when we turn on the TV, and in every aspect of our lives, from the inconsequential to the life-altering. These posts explore those dimensions of disablist oppression. Read; think; remember.

More people need to know what happened to ADAPT at the White House last week, and about the parallel events involving the Autistic Self Advocacy Network's recent protest. If we shut our eyes to oppression, it continues. Autism - discusses the details.

On dreamwidth, Trouble Is Everywhere writes about a Torchwood episode that I don't remember recognising as disability-themed, at least not to the extent that Trouble noticed. I need to watch it again and take note, because, as I said in a comment, if we don't stop and acknowledge this kind of mainstream media disablism, it will only carry on.

I adore Hoyden About Town's post on needing a seat. Access issues that don't involve ramps are so often overlooked. (And wheelchair users face these kinds of overlooked access issues too.)

Disablism is a daily part of many people's lives. Acknowledge it, challenge it, don't perpetutate it. Wheelie Catholic's post struck a very loud chord with me.

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