Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Official...

I'm sane. Hahahaha. *ahem* No, really... While it's hard to decipher anything psychiatrists ever say, she seemed to be leaning towards a cyclothymia diagnosis, not bipolar disorder (whether or not I was bipolar in the past). Which gives me something in common with Stephen Fry (hurrah). Either way, she disagrees with my (very stupid) GP, and says there's no possibility that I'm relapsing. Good-oh. She was a nice lady and spent an hour with me. We really liked her - right up until the point when she told me I'd have to wait six to eight months for CBT for anxiety management. She was sweet enough to apologise for this (and for the way that disabled people get treated in this country in general - that nearly made me laugh out loud - poor, sweet doctor). Still, despite the irritation of falling through yet another net and having to wait yet another forever for necessary treatment, it was nice to hear that this is not all in my head. I mean, I never thought it was - but being told quite clearly that I am having nothing but normal responses to a very stressful eighteen months is a good thing. I shall try to use this as a weapon to beat several GPs over the head with.

Plus? I'm sane. Me. That's truly brilliant. I'm still giggling. (Non-maniacally. Obviously.)

In other updates:

- The Girl - is bravely temping her way through life as a receptionist so she can support her lazy g/f, although I made her take today off. Not that we can afford for her to do so, but I needed a chaperone in case I jumped in front of a bus on my way to the psychiatrist's. She looked after me very well, and I appear to have survived the whole experience reasonably well.

- Our flatmates - are very lovely people who enjoy sharing a DVD and a bottle of a wine with us. I am going to teach English to Flatmate 1, who wants to do her Master's over here. Flatmate 2 is useful and can install dishwashers.

- TV - We are enjoying Jekyll and still catching up on Sex in the City. I greatly adored this week's Doctor Who, and wished I had been the genius at the BBC who thought of John Simm (who is in a play at Trafalgar Studios - I may have to go). Lost season three ended very cruelly and now I have to wait til February for the next installments. Nothing else is on. They need to make more good TV so I can have something to do with my time.

- Work - looks increasingly unlikely in the near future, especially as I can't even make it to my one-hour-a-week voluntary thing in a local school, currently because my wheelchair has broken down.

- Other stuff - we went to a Spoonie meet-up at the weekend, which was fab. Otherwise, I'm ridiculously bored. Any and all offers to visit me are very welcome, especially if visitors are accompanied by wine. It's my birthday quite soon. I will be turning Very Old. I may celebrate by staying in my pyjamas and ordering pizza. Also with wine. Wine is good. Bring wine, people.

(Cross-posted, as I am very tired bunny, and have been for the last two weeks. Looking forward to the end of this particular horrific flare-up, and the chance to leave the house, resume normal blogging service, etc.)