Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just a short one for now... *religion alert*

Today's reading at church: the Transfiguration. Which has always confused me in the past, since it's quite an odd story. We discussed it in Bible study on Tuesday, and the same thing struck me then as struck me today when it was being preached on: you don't get to see God's glory without struggling up the mountainside first.

I'm trying to prepare my Lent confession (not putting a great deal effort into this yet - but I will). What I know that I *seriously* want God to show me is how on earth S/He can be glorified in such a - seemingly - ridiculously pointless experience as that which I'm going through now.

Well, it's been a really quite difficult week.

Yet I keep coming back to that image of the mountainside, and the shining face of God not too far off at the top...

Though the cloud from sight received Him
When the forty days were o’er,
Shall our hearts forget His promise,
"I am with you evermore"?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart,
I understand! Our suffering seems pointless and are influencing so many people with your honesty and bravery. I know, I'd rather be a gutless shallow person than have this, right? ;-) But we wouldn't really--you're just flat too evolved! Once when I was complaining to Richard that my suffering was pointless he said "Even if it is pointless for you, which it isn't, I personally have learned so much from your illness. I've learned about compassion and what love is truly about. It's made me kinder and more aware. It's done the same thing for the kids" It made me think, ya know?
How many people have read what you've written and never posted?
I think of you from across the ocean in Texas all the time. You're true to yourself. That's a wonderful rare thing. You're honest that it's hard but you keep trying. As you're learning to take care of yourself you're an example that it's OK not do everything perfectly.
Lots of love to you and the girl.

lilwatchergirl said...

Aww. Interesting ideas, Kelly - and thanks for thinking of me. :)

Aidan said...

"Wherefore is light given to him that is in misery, and life unto the bitter in soul?"

Wherefore indeed... Seeming "ridiculously pointless" is a nice way of putting it! Hope the weekend's been better - it's a lovely last line, after all...

Oh, and I would certainly recommend the eye thing to one and all, despite the odd itchy early moment. Which reminds me, should really go and administer the comfort and consolation of a few tasty eyedrops...
Happy Monday-ing...