Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thoughts, and so on: good things and bad

1. This has been a hell of a week. I am suffering from what I think is medication-related problems, either from interaction or just from joyous side effects. Despite telephoning the idiot formerly known as lovely!doctor about twelve times over four days, he made exactly one attempt to get hold of me (on Wednesday) and has shown no interest since. Even though I keep ringing his receptionist and trying to explain how urgent the situation is. This seems somewhat ridiculous, when I'm paying him a fortune for membership of his practice. As a result, we have an NHS emergency out-of-hours doctor coming to see me today, since I can't cope anymore. We'll see what comes of that. Been very ill today and couldn't go to my YLGC exec meeting, which I am sad about as it would have been my first meeting as co-moderator. Very few 'pictures of the day' this week, as a result. There will soon be one of the new! exciting! hamster cage! which is bloody huge! though.

2. The local councillor is advocating on our behalf, as he thinks we're being treated unfairly with regards to the benefits I was discussing before. He's e-mailed someone of great importance at the council and asked if our case could be considered again, as it is an anomalous one. This is encouraging.

3. The Girl's plan to walk across London from west to east, while being sponsored for the Fibromyalgia Association UK and also towards getting me an electric wheelchair (woo! being able to leave the house! I can't wait!) is now taking shape. It may well happen in June. We need to be able to set up some sort of website to promote this. Anyone willing to help? Do let me know, if so. I am not good with the making of the things on the interwebs, no, but with help I could get better at it, yes.

4. My mother came to stay yesterday to this morning, and it was actually very nice. We chatted lots. She took me in the wheelchair to get my hair cut, which was extremely sweet of her. I talked to her about my plan to get myself some work as a disability awareness trainer, and we wondered whether she might be able to get on board (what with her mental health awareness training and occupational psychology experience). Either way, she has inspired me to keep looking into this. I do need advice from people who know how I can get further training, though. Need to contact people... Not quite sure who... Hmm. Again, anyone who knows anything or anyone that might help me there, do tell all.

5. Christine, creator of the But You Don't Look Sick forums, did an excellent interview for CNN's weblog thingy about things you can do when you visit or contact a sick person. See here for the interview. 'Tis very good indeed.

6. Must go away now, as I am nauseous and need sleep, and then I have a book to read. Hope you're all having lovely weekends.


Nathan said...

I can help you with a website for TG's walk (sounds like a great thing to do, excellent PR angles), MSN me.

Keep yer chin up

Rachie said...

Sorry for not getting back to you about the other stuff - it's been one hell of a week.

Anyway, I thought I would chip in to say that people seem to do well using to host their sponsored charity thingos as it provides a practical platform to organise online donations. I see from going there just now that there is a forum for brainstorming fundraising, which may also be of use.

lilwatchergirl said...

Nath - Will be in touch, as your offer is a wonderful one!

Rachie - We have two problems with, one being that FMS-UK haven't signed up with it, and we're having trouble contacting them, and the second being that you can't easily split donations. I would like people to choose whether they want to give to my wheelchair or to the charity (and of course, when we got to the total for the wheelchair, all the money from there on would go to the charity). So we may need to look into using PayPal plus a guestbook where people can say where they want money to go. Working on it! But thanks. Don't worry about not getting back to me. Have sent the letter - various people looked at it. Hope your week's better next week.