Saturday, February 09, 2008


The weird spammer who's been posting massive, dissertation-length comments on all the disability blogs has now taken to targeting me once a week. I am thankful for comment moderation. His (it's quite clearly a 'he') latest offering didn't specifically mention disability, but managed to fit in homophobia, mysogyny, racism, political paranoia, fabulously cult-like theories of 'the Planet of Manifest Destiny' to which we apparently go in the afterlife, and a lot of references to a very odd polytheistic religion in which the deities are apparently spiteful children who get into moods with entire races of people. OK then. So, Mr Anti-Everything Cultish Spammer Man: If you have *read* my blog, you should realise that your extremely weird views are not going to have any effect on me except to piss me off. So please go away and bug someone else. Thank you.

I have several different kinds of pain going on this morning. This is never good. Off to Reading to stay with a friend for the weekend. She has a bath lift. I am inordinately excited about this.


Lisa said...

I read this and thought "Hmmm, it's probably because blogging for Ouch makes you quite high profile in the crip blog world."

Except I just got that comment too.

andrea said...

I just got hit, too. CSM (Custish Spammer Man, as you've named 'm) doesn't care about your perspective or even what you're posting about. CSM is like the equivalent of a dog walker who lets their dog crap everywhere and doesn't carry a plastic bag to clean up the dog poop!

shiva said...

He's targeted me twice in the last week as well.

The worst thing about him is how bloody long it takes to delete his crap, because of the sheer size of it. There was one of his attacks that was actually so big it crashed my computer trying to delete it and i had to delete it from someone else's (bigger, faster, better) computer.

Elizabeth McClung said...

It seems to be going around, I know many who got him (I have been avoided so far "Knock on a geek twice to preserve luck") - please come and tell me about your pain - that is my theme for the day (seriously), wanting to know about pain, and specifically other people's pain. You list having "several" - I am in deep sympathy....but also facinated. That doesn't make me sick does it?