Monday, February 04, 2008

Hello, people.

So. Yesterday The Girl went to Moscow. She has gone for an entire month. She details the reasons in her audioblog (I have not transcribed it yet - apologies to any D/deaf people who come across it until I do) which have something to do with her being a very very arty director type. Why she can't be a very very arty director type in London, I don't know. Hmph.

Because I miss her, here is a photo of her that I played with a bit. It is my creativity for the day. (Doesn't she just have the cutest eyebrows?) To anyone who would argue that it isn't creative enough, please remember that I went to work today, complete with EDS and FMS and a knee that won't stop subluxing (yes it hurts when your knee keeps falling out of its socket and popping back again), with a wheelchair in tow, in an office whose equipment and layout cause me excessive amounts of pain even compared to what I'm used to, to work for people who think Disability Equality means adding a nice clause to an official statement and not giving any sick pay to people with chronic illnesses that they've known about since the beginning.

But really, I love my work...

I have been playing with lolcats. Why did it take me this many years to discover the wonder of lolcats? I know not. This is my current favourite. I can't stop laughing at it.

That really has been the sum total of my day, apart from two episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (it's on Virgin Central and they're into the later episodes that I never saw although I do not know why) and a lot of controversy on my posting boards. Ah, fun and games.

Must remember to contact Lovely Replacement PA asap. I can't live on microwave meals and diet coke for the rest of the month. I mean, I could, but I'd be in a bit of a pathetic state by the time The Girl came home. She wouldn't be pleased. Though she is awfully good at picking up the pieces upon her return from exotic destinations. (I asked her recently what she'd be doing with her time now if I hadn't become disabled. She said she'd have found something to occupy her. I just can't see it occupying her quite so very well.) *waves* to TG, in case she's reading. :D

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andrea said...

Moscow, Idaho or Moscow, Rusia?

(They're both cold & snowy this time of year...)