Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Progress Report

This will not be a particularly witty or inspired post, as I'm in ever-increasing shedloads of pain. This is because I fell out of my wheelchair going up the ramp to the number 46 bus (oh yes, I plan to shout VERY LOUDLY at the relevant bus company about their shoddy ramps), landed on my head, got concussion and now have whiplash (which is so much fun on top of a chronic muscle pain condition). The weekend was a complete wash-out because they gave me diazepam to relax my neck, but mostly all it did was make me sleep all day. And now I'm just bitter. So, instead of a thought-provoking piece of writing on the evils of PAIN, have a 'five things'.

1. Work. This is going fine. I am getting around the building fairly well in my rented wheelchair - I'm calling her Ethel, as she's slow and slightly arthritic but perfectly pleasant in her own way. The job itself is a little dull while we're waiting for students to join the new study skills centre, and mostly involves administering fairly boring tests and collating the results. For hours at a time. It will get good soon, though, I'm sure. Had to miss yesterday due to needing my whiplash treated. I think people understood.

2. Wheelchair services. I am a bit irritated with them. While I understand that they have limited funding and therefore have to work by certain rules, those rules don't take into account many real-life situations, as far as I can see. They'll only give me a chair that no one with chronic pain could even think of self-propelling in. I now have to hold out and hope that Access to Work make up the shortfall towards a decent wheelchair. In the meantime, I went to get fitted for a better one: a lovely, *green* (hee! hope I don't regret that decision in a year's time - but it was that or rather dull blue or red or black) Kuschall Compact, with various adjustments being made so I can push it well without tipping out. I'm very excited. Now I just hope the ubiquitous and ever-irritating government organizations will let me have it.

3. Fun things. The gate got sorted out - did I mention? Threatening to sue Camden Council actually worked, and now I have access to my flat. This is very good. We are having a party in a week and a half (not specifically to celebrate the gate, although there should definitely be a 'happy access' cake). Hmm. Party. I should probably plan it.

4. Medical stuff is making me very unhappy. I'm arguing with doctors again. I think I'm making the right decisions, but my desire for a second opinion (sort of) about something is turning into a bigger battle than I expected. I'm going to plough on, though. I am nothing if not determined.

5. I have to get up and get dressed now, so I can meet my new PA (marvellous woman) at the supermarket and go shopping. Ethel and Marvin say 'bye'.

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Anonymous said...

Ow ow ow. Oh poor you! I suppose you can pretend your got concussion doing some extreme sport or other - but perhaps bus ramps are a form of extreme sport?

Hope you feel less pain soon.

(And congrats on the gate!)