Thursday, January 31, 2008

The New in The Ordinary?

This month's Disability Blog Carnival is up at Ryn Tales. I've just discovered the Carnival, and I like it. I even submitted a post this month. Go read some of the excellent entries on the subject of What Professionals Should Know. Many of which I would really have enjoyed showing to various medical-type people this week alone. If only I'd been brave enough.

I have been rather sodding miserable for the past few weeks, hence the obvious dearth of posts. Life has felt a bit rubbish. It's been filled with institutionalised disablism, and stupid pain management doctors that don't believe in managing pain, and patronising pschyologists that seem to think I'm unworthy of support, and managers at work that haven't ordered equipment that they were told in November I desperately needed, and inaccessible social occasions, and people who've forgotten I exist because out of sight is out of mind, and being stuck in one room until I want to throw things (occasionally I do), and DIET. It is in attempt to pull myself out of this unhelpful moping spell that I begin
Thing-A-Day. I discovered it just in time. This seems a bit more achieveable than my stupendous failure of an attempt at the 365 Project last year, what with it being only a month long. My difficulty is that my only creative activity is writing, and how can you make THAT interesting for 28 days? I guess I'll start by posting every day (now there's a challenge) and seeing where it takes me. Maybe I can find new ways to say ordinary things.


cripchick said...

what is your thing-a-day address? mine is

can't wait to see yours :)

Elizabeth McClung said...

Well, I did it in november and it helped me (Linda said it helped become completely obsessed) - I am sorry thathtis month sucked for you and that the medicos are well....acting like medicos. Congrats on challenging yourself. I'll try to be here to support you in your "thing a day" which quite honestly for me would be like, "the vibrator challenge" but that is just where my mind is tonight, I think - over there, in the other room, in the skull bag.

Sweet Cocoa said...

See what happens when I forget to check blogs for a few days. i have 4 blogs to catch up too...I would have sworn i JUST checked and nothing... hee hee. Sending some cheer your way. sorry things are not going well. off to catch up on reading. :)