Saturday, May 08, 2010

The views of a disabled Lib Dem supporter on a coalition with the Conservatives

Dear Liberal Democrat representative,

I understand that the party has asked for the views of supporters on a coalition with the Conservatives. I am writing to offer an opinion, as a lifelong voter and supporter of the Liberal Democrats.

I would like to outline just a few reasons why I believe this coalition would be an appalling mistake, and a violation of the votes of those who supported the Liberal Democrats *against* the Tories, in good faith.

The Tories want to destroy the welfare state and the NHS. As a disabled person reliant on disability benefits and the care system, and pleased to live in a country that offers these things to its citizens, I am terrified that the Tories will leave me destitute and without care or medical support. Please stand up for the welfare state.

Nick Clegg himself has been outspoken on the Tory 'marriage tax allowance' policy, which privileges marriage over alternative families, including my own LGBT partnership, and the many single parent families and extended families of all shapes and sizes that make up the UK. Please stand up for alternative families.

The Tories have no commitment to civil liberties, the environment, an end to Trident, or electoral reform. The Liberal Democrats are distinctive in all these things. It's why I support you. It's why I campaigned with my local Lib Dem candidate and spent hours helping the Lib Dems on polling day. It's why I'm seriously considering joining the party, even though party membership for ordinary voters is something I've never been sure about before. I will not be able to join, however, if there is a coalition that violates everything I believe in and everything that has led me to support the Liberal Democrats for my entire adult life.

I urge the party to consider their supporters and voters carefully in deciding on a direction for a coalition. More than this, however, I urge you to consider the needs and rights of ordinary people in the UK.

With thanks,

Naomi --


If you agree, and want to share your views with party HQ, e-mail . They've asked for views before 2pm today, but I'm sure they'd find views useful at any time this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Would you mind if I sent an edited version of your letter to the email address you have given? I know I have missed the deadline, but I feel I must do something. I'd like to send an email to my local Lib Dem representative as well, even though he did not win here.

Naomi J. said...

Of course - feel free. Contacting local reps is a good idea too.

Anonymous said...

i have sent an edited version myself and added my own bit at the end. Thank you for writing some of it for me as i would not have started the way if eel today... again it might be too late but it is right to have our say - as a lesbian and someone with severe ME your letter said just what i wante dto say, thanks.