Friday, December 15, 2006

Another week of sitting around the house...

My biggest problem this week has been pain. Too much of it to do much of anything. The Girl and I have watched a lot of Angel (seasons three and four), and in her absence I've been working my way through the entire 10 seasons of Friends. Talking of which, I'm missing a couple of seasons of that - must get them. I love with all my heart and soul.

Messages from work began causing me stress around Wednesday, so I started ignoring them completely. That's been helpful.

I have to see a new GP today, which should be interesting. I saw the nurse yesterday to register with the practice, and she clearly had no idea what ME is. All she would add to my records was 'symptom - fatigue', which gave me great amusement (and frustration, since I now have to correct that mistake with the GP before they start telling me it's all in my head). Oh, but she was happy to note that I have bipolar disorder. Of course. *bangs head on desk repeatedly. but softly* Fortunately, I have copies of the letters from my old GP and the rheumatologist that they gave me to help explain things at work. Ah, now the OCD comes into its own. My compulsive habit of making copies of everything that 'might come in useful one day' is suddenly a good thing. Yes! (Admittedly, that trait is less useful when it comes to hording five hundred plastic bags behind my bed. But it has its good points.)

The irony of the NHS continues. The best way to make an appointment with the doctor is to go to the surgery (fifteen minutes from my house, at my current walking 'speed'). The phone lines don't open until half an hour after the surgery, presumably to encourage people to come in person. By the time I can phone, I will have missed most of the appointments for the day. My problem with this system? This is no good for actual SICK PEOPLE. I can't get there, and back home, and back again for my appointment without ending up in bed for the rest of the day. Clever stuff, people.

Today I want to cook, vacuum, change the bed sheets, clean the bathrooms, go to the doctor and sleep. Now we'll see if I achieve any of that, or just end up watching rubbish on TV all day...

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birdychirp said...

I hate it when they ask if its urgent - often you don't know - and often its why I want to see the doctor!