Sunday, November 08, 2009

Day Eight - Scraping The Barrel

Today I went to church. Before leaving the house, I noted (via twitter) that I was hoping to avoid too many comments about the new mobility aid, and offering advice to discerning readers that the way forward is not to say too much about such things.

Suffice it to say that with the number, weight and intensity of comments, you'd have been forgiven for thinking I'd walked in with a new baby.

(Although that would have been a lot less supportive for my knees.)

Have been discussing names for aforementioned walker on fandom forums. Continuing the sci-fi/fantasy theme (following Marvin the powerchair and Luna the manual), and given that the walker is geeky and a bit strange*, I'm thinking along the lines of Random or Susan. Messageboard posters are currently favouring Velma, but I am not a Scooby Doo fan so that's not happening.

I would say again that this wasn't the best month to choose to post every day, but I think you're getting the idea.

*You find these things out about mobility aids quite quickly.

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