Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Post Brought To You Courtesy of Pinot Grigio

...which will explain any spelling mistakes, 'k?

I have NO RESULTS. I have spent six effing months on research for a dissertation, and because of the physiotherapy teaching establishment's idiocy, obstinacy, protected privilege, and unwillingness to engage with disabled people and disability researchers, I have no results.

My very sweet tutor says it's all going to be OK, and that I have other things to talk about, including sociologically significant reasons for having no results. But I can't avoid the sinking feeling that says I'm going to get a 65 on this dissertation and miss out on my distinction (for which I need at least a 68), and not be able to get funding for a PhD, and generally end up with no sodding idea what I'm going to do with my life next.

Over on my lovely fandom posting board, we are talking etymology, words that offend everyone from feminists to disabled people, reclaiming terminology when you're in a minority group, and all that good stuff. Awesome. I love how disability-aware a lot of them are, on that random posting board that has nothing to do with disability at all. It gives me hope.

Hope: something this blog is sometimes lacking. Let us celebrate. More Pinot Grigio!


Elizabeth McClung said...

I hope you do get the 68%. Actually I hope you get much more than that! When will you know?

Also, something I am working on now, when are words meaning altered by the physical condition of the person speaking them, without 'reclaiming' - but that a word which is for the 'mundane' or general usage, in the particular, has another meaning. I wonder if the OED covers that - I should pick some words and go look.

Anonymous said...

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