Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Project 365

So this is why I need to do the 365 thing. I used to be obsessively tidy...

In an effort to achieve something positive and creative in 2007 (and to remember and appreciate more 'moments'), I am doing Project 365 this year. I'll post a photo a day on Flickr, accompanied by a brief comment. If this makes me think interesting thoughts, I'll blog them, along with the photo. If not, the pictures will be on my Flickr page.

So at least I've done something today! I also talked to the local Red Cross branch about hiring a wheelchair (I want to see if it actually helps me before I look for a more permanent solution), signed up for more information from a couple of home tutoring agencies, and went out for a pint of milk. See? I can achieve things. Tomorrow I might even read my book.

I am watching Captain Jack dancing in the Torchwood finale. For the second time. It's amazing what makes me happy. :)

I was inspired to do the 365 thing by Boo (aka Cats/lumin). Yay for Boo!

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