Thursday, January 11, 2007

In which things maybe start to move forward, just a little bit.

P365 Day Nine: Paints!

Because I have half-decent pain medication at last, I have been relatively productive for the past couple of days. The story of How I Found That Very Rare Specimen: A Good Doctor is at the livejournal. Thanks to lovely codeine, I was able to spend yesterday evening at Former Flatmate's place eating Chinese and watching crap TV and chatting, which was fantastic. She got me the above present, a box of very exciting watercolours, which I am going to enjoy. She is generally very fab and it was great to see her.

Then today, once I managed to wake up and get home, I did some useful things. First, I e-mailed my boss to give her my notice, informally. She was very disappointed but lovely about it. She is willing to take me back for part-time agency work at any time, and would like me to do some moderation for them in the summer too, for one-off payment. I said I'd see what my situation was by then. Very good of her, anyway. Then I applied for Disability Living Allowance (goodness, that's a complicated form, and apparently almost everyone gets rejected, but then more people are accepted on appeal). Then I applied for a Freedom Pass for the tube. Then I rang up about a blue badge form. If I got one or some of those things, it would be hugely helpful. The aim is to start relying on The Girl a little bit less. The poor thing is having to push me around in a wheelchair when I want to go out. Although she says she doesn't mind because it burns calories for her. :D

People I am currently very grateful to:
- Lisy, of Lisy Babe's Blog fame, for giving me excellent advice and a push towards applying for things. It was really good of her to come over.
- Aforementioned Former Flatmate: her paints, wine and listening skills.
- My friend S who got me microwaveable slippers. You can't do better than that. Toasty feet!
- My boss, for being lovely and sweet when I was worried she might be angry.
- The fabulous people at my new church, who are encouraging and invite me over for drinks after Bible studies.
- Everyone on MSN/AIM/e-mail who has been letting me whine and whine and whine over the past few weeks. You're all wonderful.

If I've missed anyone, I'm sorry. You are appreciated, but brain is foggy. :)

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Anonymous said...

It was really good of her to come over.

It was really good *fun* to come over. Surprising as it may sound, I find an afternoon of having a relaxed and interesting conversation whilst drinking copious amounts of tea with an interesting human *fun*.

I love my BettyCat very much, but she doesn't make for the greatest conversationalist. I try my best to keep the conversation flowing but never get more back than a puzzled look or a miaow.